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14 Awesome Summer Fair Fund Raising Ideas

How to enhance the most amount of money for the PTA with the minimum outlay? Schools need increasing levels of money these days to pay for equipment and outings therefore it is essential in the future up ever more imaginative methods for engaging children and parents to raise funds.

I myself have just joined a PTA at my son’s school and working in the toy industry should can be found in handy as I have tons of great ideas. Hopefully ceramic tableware which means our PTA will have the ability to have a record breaking year!

Firstly listed here are a few of the well-known, traditional ways of fund raising at summer fairs –

Face Painting

Children of most ages (and some adults too!) love to own their faces painted. You can find lots of different designs to pick from depending on your own skill level but the basic tiger and butterfly will normally suffice. Wholesale Face paints are so cheap these days that should you charge 50p or £1 you are sure to make a good profit. Just ensure you buy a high quality face paint from a trustworthy importer. The packaging should carry CE mark, full ingredients list and the name and address of the import company. If the pack you will find doesn’t carry all three of those then DON’T BUY. The final thing you need is a pack of irate mums after you because their kids faces have had allergic reactions!


Wholesale temporary tattoos are so cheap (around 2-3p) that again this can be a huge money spinner. Charge 20p per tattoos and you is likely to make 10x your original investment. Again just ensure you buy from a trustworthy wholesale toy supplier.

Crockery Smashing

I have been a few summer fairs now that have had a booth where you can throw balls at old crockery and without fail they are always the busiest stall at the fair. There is something extremely satisfying in regards to the breaking sound of china! My husband even spent a tiny fortune there. Again it doesn’t have to be expensive. Scour charity shops for boxes of old plates, cups and bowls and set them up in a booth with shelves and have a smashing time! (Groan!)

Teddy Raffle

Ask parents to donate old cuddly toys which you can raffle off for £1 each.

Popcorn & Candy Floss

Machines can be hired relatively cheaply these days and who doesn’t love popcorn and candy floss? The margins for both these snacks can be quite healthy so definitely a necessity for the sweet toothed guests.


Easy to operate and trying out minimal space are ideal reasons to have a tombola, and yes it is a traditional must. No summer fair is complete without one! You can print tickets out quite easily from the internet and again ask parents for small donations to give as prizes. Failing that why don’t you fill old jam jars with penny sweets to produce fun prizes that children will love.

Count The Candy

Fill a large jar packed with smarties or other small sweets and charge people 50p to guess exactly how many are in there. The winner at the end of the fair with the closest guess wins the lot.

Cricket & Football

This is a superb one for the Dads as their will to win and competitive spirit will kick in. Buy some good but cheap bottles of win from the supermarket and either a basketball goal or cricket set (quite cheap from places like Argos) and charge Dads £1 -£2 to see if they could get 3 goals in 3 balls or 3 wickets from 3 bowls. Trust me, offer a Dad wine and a cricket ball and you will soon be onto a winner.

Cake Stall

A summer fair would not be filled with an excellent array of homemade cakes. Ask parents to bake a tiny cake for you yourself to sell or why don’t you turn it into a competition and have your own personal mini bake off?

So there are a few of the more traditional ideas for summer fund raising but when you actually want to make your event stand out then it is all about the quirky fun factor. Parents and children alike will soon be enthralled by a few of the weirder events available and the odder the better. So here certainly are a few ideas.

Worm Charming

Mark the ground into 2 meter squares and participants pay a pound for a pitch, they then have 5 minutes to charm as many worms from the ground as possible. No digging allowed just singing and jumping up and down.

Snail, Piglet & Ferret Racing

You will likely need to contact specialist companies for this as you should hire the animals and equipment. There’s also strict rules in position to make sure no harm involves the animals. They could both be great games to enhance your event as most of us love a little gambling. An instant internet search should provide all the info you need.

Panning For Gold

All you really importance of this is a large trough of water and half a dozen panning for gold kits which is often purchased for around £2 each from wholesale toy suppliers. Charge the youngsters £1 to own 5 minutes sifting and panning through the dirt to see if they could hit the mother load! Involve some little paper bags or plastic jars handy to allow them to put their treasure in when they are finished.

Water Pistols Shooting Gallery

Make empty plastic bottles and food pots and if the children can knock over 3 bottles or maybe more with a big water pistols then they win a prize. Minimal outlay and can really make the pennies.

Pirate Treasure hunt

Give each child a pirate eye patch and treasure map that leads them to various clues hidden across the event. When they find them all and work out the treasures location then they win a prize. Great fun that can keep them entertained for 20 minutes or more.

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