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Just how to Clear a Green Swimming Pool (4 Easy Steps)

You would like your swimming pool to be a clear, clean, beautiful sight to behold. Having it turn into a swamp-like green mess is a distressing problem for the pool owner. Swimming in green pool water is unsafe, so discovering just how to clear a natural pool is critical.

The causes of a natural pool?

Green swimming pool water is caused by green algae, which thrives if you have a chemical imbalance in the water. Algae can first enter a swimming in several ways such as for instance wind, heavy rainfall, extended periods of summer, inefficient filtration, or inaccurate Swimming Pool Services chemical treatments. Algae multiplies very quickly and can harbor harmful organisms such as for instance bacteria, which means you need to find out just how to clear a natural pool.

Steps in just how to clear a natural swamp:

The first step in just how to clear a natural pool is to remove any debris from the pool. Then test the water’s pH and alkalinity to make sure they’re within proper ranges. Allowing chlorine levels to drop below 1 PPM (your free chlorine can even be higher and still have algae!) is an open invitation to algae.

The second step in just how to clear an algae infested pool would be to shock the water. Shock is actually a very good chlorine that kills bacteria. With respect to the severity of one’s algae issue, you will probably need to improve the shock from a normal dosage of 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons to 1 lb. per 7,500 gallons (follow the manufacturer’s recommended dosage). Remember to really have the filter running as you do this. Afterwards, run the filter continuously 24 hours a day, backwashing it at the least four times each day (or cleaning the filter if you have a cartridge). This is the most crucial step in just how to clearing a pool.

The third step in just how to clear a natural pool is to complete an intensive vacuum of it. If the sides and bottom of one’s pool also provide algae growths, you should brush them.

The fourth step in just how to clear a natural pool is to keep repeating all of these procedures until your swimming pool water has returned to a completely clear state. Then, check your pool’s filter to be sure it is clean and functioning properly. In the years ahead, add algaecide to your pool’s water on weekly basis and keep your chlorine levels at appropriate levels. Learning just how to clear a natural pool is important and needs to be done right away.

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